Celebration Park

The new shelter at Celebration Park is under construction We're excited to show you a photo of the on-going construction for our first park, called Celebration Park, in the West Vineyard Neighborhood. It will be a big, 2-acre area with a shelter, play equipment, picnic tables and more. We don't wait until the last home is constructed to build our parks; they're built right along with the neighborhood itself. In fact, why not visit our first neighborhood and see the lots for sale right now? View looking past Celebration Park towards Badger Mountain

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Earth Day Celebration

Rotschy Inc., our great contractors, donated this fountain to the greater community in the name of Badger Mountain South. It has now been installed at the Dallas Road trail head heading up to Badger Mountain. So now if you forget to bring water on your next hike you'll find some available for both you and your dog!

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Ground Work

In the first phase of the West Vineyard neighborhood plat, residents will find both small and large parks just for them. The largest park is 2-acres and will include an area for a half size soccer field. Here is a photo of some of the concrete work now being put in place at the park as we get ready for home construction.

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