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At Tanninen Homes, we believe that building your own home should be an effortlessly groundbreaking experience. One that provides you and yours with a vast array of options, the confidence and skill of a lifetime builder and the flexibility to adapt to every moment that inspires you.

We work diligently to ensure that every aspect of your home meets and surpasses expectations. You can have peace of mind knowing no shortcuts are being taken as the home of your dreams is coming to life.
We strive to add value to our clients’ lives through the home building process. Not only do we build homes, we provide the platform for dinner table conversations, the floors that bear little feet running back and forth and the fireplace mantle to display photos of every milestone. We know you expect your home to stand up to the wear that the years bring and we aim to exceed those expectations.
When we look at a home, we don’t see boards and nails, we see a relationship. That’s why you are our priority from start to finish and your home is a collaboration of our craftsmanship and your dreams. We strive to care for the relationship from ground breaking to closing and beyond so that running into us at the grocery store is a good thing.
We invite you in because we all know home is where the heart is, so you bring the heart and we’ll bring the home.
Yours truly,
Tanninen Homes
Below are a few of our distinct styles that are available to build in Badger Mountain South:

Modern Farmhouse Plan 1849


Modern Craftsman Plan 2035


Modern Farmhouse Plan 2247


Modern Farmhouse 2825