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Building a New Way of Life in South Richland.

The South Richland area is highly desired by homebuyers and it’s only 10 minutes from downtown Richland. But a home in Badger Mountain South is a step ahead of most you’ll see on the market. That’s because we’re not just building subdivisions, we’re building a lifestyle. That means living here you’ll be part of a multigenerational community where you drive less and spend more time with your family.

Badger Mountain South is designed to be a development with a sense of place, ultimately co-located with schools, open spaces, and a thriving retail core. A place that combines equal access to trails and storefronts. A place with great schools that are approached by sidewalk instead of buses or car seats. A place with smartly designed homes powered for efficiency and cost effectiveness. We’re looking forward to welcoming and growing our community and we’ll be there when you have a need or question.

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The first residential development is in the West Vineyard Neighborhood, Phase 1. It is located just off Dallas Road and is the northern tier of the Badger Mountain South community. We’ve already begun construction of Celebration Park as well as the first segment of the over 3 mile trail system that will connect all the way to Reata Road. The map above shows the lot layout that is now being built. There’s plenty of choices for you to build with your own builder or with one of those now building at Badger Mountain South.

Map Plan Details – Phase 1

Lots Purchased by Builders
Box_OrangeLots that are shown in a orange color are those already purchased by local builders. Houses are now being designed and permitted for many of these lots. The homes will be available for purchase beginning in late summer or early fall. If you would like to work with one of the local builders who are building at Badger Mountain South their businesses are noted below.

  • Ambience Homes
  • New Tradition Homes

Sold Lots
Box_yellowLots shown in gold are those purchased by individuals who are working with their own builder and designer.

Available Lots
Box_BlueLots shown in blue are available to build with any builder. Call our residential realtor, Dan Bruchman, from Windermere Group One, for more information about these lots. Dan can be reached at 509-551-1880, or by clicking here.

Park or Green Space
Box_GrnBadger Mountain South will ultimately include over 300 acres of parks and green space throughout the development, plus 3 miles of paved trails. One thing you can be sure of, we build our parks and green space as we build our homes. You’ll find a place to sit and enjoy the sunset and the children will have a safe place to play right at the beginning of your homeownership.

Building Plans

We’re working with our builders to have home plans available for your review. Please check back as we continue to work to expand our website for your convenience.

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